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  • Client: Rhubarb
  • Project Name: NBA Store Window Graphics
  • Credits:

    Rhubarb: Rhubarb Design
    Rhubarb: QuakerChroma Imaging
    Rhubarb: Art Department

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NBA Store Window Graphics


3.300 Square Feet Perforated Window Graphics Project

About This Project

Windows are more than a means too see out into the world.  They are now a valuable piece of property used to advertise a company, brand, product, promotion or event. Perforated (see through) and non perforated are the 2 main types of window media. Solvent inkjet is preferred for applications requiring a high degree of durability.

Our Solution:

Pressure-Sensitive, Ultrarmovable Adhesive Backed Two-Way Perforated Film for interior application was the recommendation for this project.  We took into consideration that this was a building that would have cyclical direct sunlight exposure.  We used 3M products for this project because of the consistency and quality necessary and because we were printing over such a large expanse of “window real estate”.  The 3M Vinyl has a textured release liner that imparts an air egress in the adhesive.  While these Window Graphics are meant to last, application and down the line removal is cleanly accomplished with the textured air channeling.


Transparency is always an issue when creating Window Graphics. QuakerChroma Imaging conducted on site tests with a range of density options.  Our pre-press department was able to adjust the files based on our experience as to what typically works well in the field in terms of transparency.  The client was pleased with the end result and installation was smoothly accomplished in time for the “Grand Opening” of the new NBA Store!

We utilized the following equipment:

60 inch wide by any length Ink Jet Printing with Eco-Solvent inks on our Roland Soljet XJ640 series for durable  Adhesive 3M Control-Tac Vinyl and (26) Dreamscape Digital Wallpaper substrates.

Roland Soljet XJ-640 Eco Solvent Printer for:
  • Floor Graphics
  • Perforated Window Graphics
  • Two-way Window Film
  • Clear Window Graphics
  • 3M Adhesive Vinyl
  • Digital Wallpaper
  • Indoor Vinyl Banners
  • Outdoor Vinyl Mesh Banner

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