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“We strive to make our Customer’s job easier through our unique
combination of personalized service, new technology and traditional
Robert Marion, President QCI

Quaker Chroma Imaging has a combined legacy of nearly 100 years in business.  In December 2004 Quaker Photo and Chroma Copy, two innovators of graphic production, merged into a single, integrated, specialty graphics provider….. Quaker Chroma Imaging!

Few companies have the depth and ability that Quaker Chroma Imaging brings to the Wide Format Printing world. QCI has become a predominant leader through perfecting the traditional services while at the same time exploring new opportunities, particularly in Dye Sublimation Printing.

Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple, Dye Sublimation Printing to Fabric has exploded with vibrant colors and emotion triggering appeal. Stunning wide format fabric graphics can be displayed in a variety of unique ways, opening up a multitude of Visual Merchandising opportunities.

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