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Direct UV Imaging

“All interested parties that pursue and take up printing direct to rolled and
rigid substrates have trouble remembering how they ever worked without
Digital Output Roundtable of Print Service Providers, 2011

Direct UV Printing is an important part of Quaker Chroma Imaging’s core capability.  Printing direct to rigid substrates opens up a world of signage opportunities.  Whether your needs are for indoor or outdoor signage Direct UV Printing is the way to go.  Our 80" wide Flat Bed Printer delivers good quality and excellent durability.  


Equipment Description:

Flat Bed UV Printing on our VuTek Press Vu 200/600W with White Ink
, allows us to print directly on media up to 1.5 inches thick.

VuTek Press Vu 200/600W with White Ink Capability:
  • Prints up to 80 inches wide by any length on roll substrates.
  • Prints up to 80 inches wide by 120 inches on hard substrates
  • Prints 4/C Process Inks + Opaque White Ink
  • UV Inks for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Single or Double Sided Printing on hard substrates
  • Prints directly onto hard substrates up to 1.5 inches thick including:
    • Sintra
    • Gatorboard
    • Foamcore
    • Ultraboard
    • Wood
    • DiBond
    • PolyStyrene
    • Plexiglass and Polycarb
  • Applications:
    • P.O.P. Displays
    • Outdoor Signage
    • Retail Signage
    • Menu Boards
    • Building Graphics
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