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Trade Show Graphics

“Cultural tastes often trump technology. No virtual meeting will ever render the high impact, live, trade show graphic extinct.”
Rich Gralla, Vineyard Exhibits

Quaker Chroma Imaging has been servicing the Trade Show market for years. 10 years ago graphics were mostly done photographically on our Light Jet 430 and our Durst Lambda photo imagers. With the introduction of Flat Bed printing technology some of the work shifted to direct to substrate technology. However, the biggest game changer in the Trade Show industry has been the rebirth and development of Dye Sublimation printing on fabric. Fabric has given the trade show industry a whole new playground for creativity and innovation.

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Fabric is versatile, stretchy, washable, and flexible. It can be sheer or opaque, and now can even be back lit. Fabric graphics for trade shows can be wrapped around giant structures to form shapes like ovals and squares, it can have silicone beading sewn on the edge to slide into tension fabric structures like QCI’s Fabric Frame system, it can have Velcro sewn around the perimeter to be stretched over a wall, or it can have pole pockets sewn to hang from dowels.

One of the biggest advantages of using Dye Sublimated fabric for Trade Shows is that besides being bright, vibrant, and versatile Fabric banners are much less expensive and safer to ship than traditional hard boards. Fabric banners can be folded and shipped in small packages compared to crates that are usually required for hardboards.

Aside from Fabric trade show graphics, Quaker Chroma has long been renowned for our expertise in photo imaging for Trade Shows. We still produce Duratrans and Digital C-Prints on a daily basis. Our photographic output is second to none in terms of quality and color. Whether you need Duratrans second surface mounted to plexi or a giant photo mural pieced together for a pop up display QCI has the solution.



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