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“I’m amazed at the number of times people have called into QCI because they saw one of our Fabric Frame displays and asked “Who produced that?”
Janet Gildner, Office Manager , QCI

One of the hottest and most exciting  products for the Visual Merchandising world is (SEG)Silicone Edged Fabric Graphics for Tension Fabric structures.  QCI is pleased to offer several different brands of hardware and even more importantly QCI can print and finish stunning high impact graphics for virtually any brand of silicone edged tension fabric structures whether we carry the framing system or not.  QCI’s sewing department expertly custom sews silicon edging that easily inserts into the grooves of the tension structure, allowing the fabric graphic to stretch across the frame for a tight wrinkle free fit.  QCI combines the brilliant colors of our Dye Sublimation printing technique with this framing system for incredible versatility and high impact appeal.  With an impressive range of formats  from 2’ x 2’ to 10’ x 40’ the resultant impact on the marketplace has seen a growing accumulation of applications.  Please contact our Customer Service Team for more information at 800-543-8883.

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Some include:
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Exhibit Display Booths
  • Photo and Video Fabric Backdrops
  • Wall Murals
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Auto Showroom Murals
  • Corporate Lobby Graphics
  • Retail Signage
  • Backlit Displays
  • Room Dividers
  • Light Box Graphics
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Fabric Frames provide other advantages:
  • Noise reduction. Fabric naturally absorbs sound
  • Repurposable. QCI can replace your old graphics
  • Easily illuminated. You can front or back light
  • “Photo Realistic” printing of Agency level quality
  • Extremely versatile uses as wall image, shop decoration, dividing wall, exhibit display
  • Very simple assembly and removal.  Easy for one person to handle
  • Minimized transport and handling costs. Even the largest frames can be disassembled to fit into travel size containers
  • Various display possibilities. Free standing, wall or ceiling suspended, and wall mounted
  • Extremely high design quality
  • Reflection less image, ideal as a background for photos or videos
  • Fabric is a Sturdy and practical material
  • Fabric is waterproof, washable, fade-resistant
  • Contributes positively to room atmosphere
  • Extremely versatile format
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        Ray Bloc Productions –
        Silicone Edged Fabric and Frames designed for on stage set for CEO of Morgan Stanley


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