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“I see your true colors shining through.”
Cyndy Lauper

Wide Format Banners can be produced in so many different ways and on so many different substrates.  At QCI we have discovered the most impacting and efficient way to produce wide format banners is to print them on fabric using Dye Sublimation.  Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple, Dye Sublimation Printing to Fabric has made Banner Printing more vibrant, more diverse, and more user friendly.  Dye Sub Banners, can now be transported folded with minimized handling costs. This is largely due to the ease of folding the fabric graphics into a small box for tremendous shipping savings. This has advantages over heavier, have to be rolled, Vinyl Banners.

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                    Quaker Chroma Imaging has become a leader in providing Fabric Graphics for all types of Banner applications. There has been a “Revolution in Resolution” and we achieve spectacular “Photo Realistic” results with our technique of Dye-Sub Printing to Fabric. We can print up to 10 feet wide by long lengths, SEAMLESS on a variety of fabrics. Large Fabric Banners… no problem! Our Mimaki printers deliver rich saturated colors with exceptional print quality. The productivity and performance of our Large Printers gives us the capability to produce large size Banners at an affordable price. We print in CMYK which provides an almost universal color range. Intelligent Color Control Technology ensures precision color management and unparalleled image quality. Our experienced technicians are adept at color matching and we pride ourselves in being able to match branded logo colors, so important for Large Exhibit Corporate Banners. We use the appropriate fabrics for Indoor and Outdoor Banners, and Street Pole Banners.

Custom Banners:
  • Full Color Banners
  • Fabric Banners
  • Canvas Banners
  • Mesh Banners
  • Double Sided Banners
  • Across the Street Banners
  • Pole Banners
  • Heavyweight Banners
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Indoor Banners
  • Step and Repeat Banners
  • Trade Show Banners
  • Atrium Banners
  • Vinyl Banners


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