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Wall Murals

“ Universities, Hospitals, Exhibits and Museums have increased the coverage of their Visual Environments with digitally produced Wall Murals by a measurable 46% since 2004. ”
Humphrey Forecast for PEW

Wall Murals can transform environments.  Wide Format Digital Printing now has so many different inks and substrates available that your only limit is your imagination and creativity.   Whether its traditional Custom Photo Wall Murals, Custom Digital Wallpaper or Adhesive Vinyl products,  Quaker Chroma Imaging has the solution.

There are now materials that can be put up for a day and then removed without any residue on the walls as well as materials that can be put up on walls and last for years. 


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        Digital Realty- Dreamscapes Wallpaper

Digital Adhesive Vinyls are an important part of QCI’s service arsenal.  We have recently installed a new ECO Solvent printer that utilizes environmentally friendly eco solvent inks.  These inks are capable of producing  durable  vibrant outdoor  graphics on a wide range of materials  for vehicles, walls, windows  and floors.  So no matter what the requirement or application we have a solution that fits.  Printing at 1440 dpi, this machine provides text and graphics that are superior in detail, color and saturation that are sure to please.

60 inch wide by any length Ink Jet Printing with Eco-Solvent inks on our Roland Soljet XJ640 series for durable  Adhesive 3M Control-Tac Vinyl and (26) Dreamscape Digital Wallpaper substrates.

Our printers deliver rich saturated colors of exceptional print quality.  For the exacting demands of Hospitals, Architectural Firms, Fashion Retailers, and Corporate Branded Lobbies, QCI is up to the task of filling the visual communication wall space with breakthrough graphics.

The productivity and performance of our Wide Format Printers gives us the capability to produce any size Digital Wall Graphic at an affordable price. We print in CMYK which provides an almost universal color range. Intelligent Color Control Technology  ensures precision color management and unparalleled image quality.  Our experienced technicians are adept at color matching and we pride ourselves in being able to match branded logo colors, so important for Large Exhibit Corporate Trade Shows.

Discerning customers rely on QCI to deliver high quality, high impact imagery. We'll make your job easier through our unique combination of personalized service, new technology and established techniques.

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