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  • Client: Nine West
  • Project Name: Nine West, Madison Avenue

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Nine West, Madison Avenue


8' x 12' Backlit Fabric Frame and Graphic

About This Project

Client was looking for a wide format solution for one of their top retail stores.   They really wanted something that had POP!  They did not want Vinyl; which in the past was the only material available in the 8' x 12' size. 

Our Solution:

We introduced Nine West to our Backlit Dye Sublimation.  We showed them that we could provide a backlit lightbox that could hold a (SEG) Silicone Edged Fabric Graphic.  They loved the idea and had us install the unit. 


QCI's Dye Sublimation is so vibrant and appealing.  The backlit fabric banner got a regular WOW every time clients entered the store.  The Fabric Framing System and Dye Sublimated banner were such a big hit that the District Manager for Nine West made an eddict that the light on the box must remain on 24 hours per day.  This program has been so successful that they have replaced the graphic multiple times and have added Fabric Frame Light boxes to several of their key retail locations. 


We utilized the following equipment:

Dye Sublimation Fabric Printing with the Mimaki JV5-320S and Roland SJ-1045 EX  Color InkJet Plotters combined with the Klieverik Sublimator provides these advantages.

  • 10 Foot by any length
  • In House Sewing of Hems, Silicon Beading, Pole Pockets, and Seaming
  • Indoor/ Outdoor usage
  • Vibrant “photo realistic” color
  • Various Fabric

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